The Plastic Guide

meisje met bloem

Together towards circular plastic

In The Plastic Guide, we show how together we can contribute to reduce, reuse, renew and recycle within the plastic packaging chain. This requires a turnaround. Verpact is happy to take the lead in this.

Read here the special edition of Circular Packaging about The Plastic Guide.

Our 2050 goal is for all products to be completely fossil-free and circularly packaged.


fossil-free: only recyclate and bio-based raw materials


litter and microplastics


harm to people and the environment

Our commitment for 2030:

  • 100% collection and recycling systems in the Netherlands are of high quality and uniform
  • 100% of P/I get their share of recyclate back
  • 100% of the packaging is recyclable
  • where possible, packaging is reusable
  • reduced use of plastic packaging without negative substitution

In order to achieve these targets, significant changes are needed across the plastic chain, involving production, usage, collection, sorting, and recycling. Below, these changes are explained for each step in the chain. 



The dependence on fossil raw materials in plastic packaging must be...



Extracting valuable raw materials from plastic packaging should become...



As much as possible, recyclate from the plastic packaging chain should be...



Every packaging should be collected to preserve all the valuable raw...



The use of plastic packaging must be reduced. By omitting unnecessary...


Download The Plastic Guide

If you want a good overview of our goals and what it will take to achieve them, download The Plastic Guide here.

The Plastic Guide

On March 7th 2023, we launched The Plastic Guide in a table discussion with leaders from the plastic packaging chain. See the aftermovie of the launch below.


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